Veterans For Peace Says No to New Sanctions on Iran, Bill S. 1881


Veterans For Peace views new Iran sanctions legislation, U.S. Senate bill S. 1881 as an unnecessary provocation, a beating of the war drums. We question why politicians push this legislation at a time when new Iranian leadership seems to be on a road to moderation.We categorically reject S. 1881 and call for our government to seek negotiations, not war and sanctions.

We, in Veterans For Peace, reflect on the many recent debacles of our government in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. And understand that we haven't seen anything like what we will see if our government, prompted by multi-national oil companies, attempts military action against Iran. We view economic sanctions as a step towards war, and are reminded of the role sanctions played in the lead-up to war on Iraq.

We are offended by the hypocrisy of the U.S. government, who possesses the world's second largest nuclear arsenal behind Russia, has recently begun upgrading nuclear arms delivery systems and is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons. The U.S. government never questions the nuclear weapons policy of Israel, a 2 hour flight from Iran, which is believed to have between 80 to as many as 200 nuclear weapons.Iran does not have even one nuclear weapon and U.S. intelligence has concluded that Iranian leadership has not decided to pursue a nuclear weapon.

Instead of adding fuel to an already volatile situation, the U.S. Senate should work for peace by calling for a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Zone in the Middle East and the reduction of U.S. nuclear stockpiles to give credibility to the U.S. position as it negotiates for a peaceful solution.

We encourage the American people to study the history of U.S. meddling in Iran, including the overthrow (at the prompting of British Petroleum) of the democratically-elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, and see through the lies of the politicians, who serve those who covet Iran's oil.