Leave No One Behind Mural Project

February 25, 2021

The Leave No One Behind Mural Project is embarked by a coalition of veteran support groups, immigrant organizations, and academics. Through a multi-sited public art project entitled "Leave No One Behind," the coalition urges the Biden-Harris administration and Congress to enact immigration policy to repatriate Deported Veterans, protect Childhood Arrivals, end family separation, and reunite families.

Through a multi-sited public art project, the project seeks to uplift the stories of Deported Veterans, Dreamers, childhood arrivals, and permanent residents.

Installation sites will be prioritized to the cities in which community storytellers lived while in the U.S. For many, this is the place where they were raised, grew exclusive roots to the country and where their immediate family lives.

Email contact: leavenoonebehindmuralproject@gmail.com

The project seeks to uplift the stories of over thirty (im)migrants currently left out of President Biden’s Immigration Reform. The murals will be displayed across various cities in the United States, where the intersection and impact of mass incarceration and deportation have been intensely felt by the passage of the 1994 Crime Bill and the Clinton era immigration laws that made the systems punitive. The initial launch locations include Central Valley, CA; Compton, CA; Seattle, WA; Phoenix, Arizona, Las Cruces, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico; and the final mural posted in Washington, DC.

The project will be launched in March 2021 with a concluding grand mural posted in Washington, D.C. by deported veteran activist Cesar Nuñez and Jesus Manuel Valenzuela, coinciding with the end of President Biden's first 100 days in office.
The coalition urges elected officials, Congress, and the Biden-Harris administration to take a series of policy steps to protect immigrants by:
  • Passing an Executive Action or a series of actions as outlined by Senator Tammy Duckworth to begin the process of repatriating deported veterans.
  • Implementing the New Way Forward Act into law as reintroduced by Representative Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.
  • Taking concrete steps to end family separation and support family reunification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(see website for more information)


Who can I speak with for more information?

Robert Vivar 664-807-9008 MEX; robgrpa@gmail.com
Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana 559-261-5630 USA; ldsdelacruz@ucdavis.edu 
Jennifer Martinez-Medina 971-600-0360 USA; mar36@pdx.edu
What is the purpose of the mural?
The Leave No One Behind  Mural Project is a multi-sited public art project that seeks to uplift the stories of thirty-three Deported Veterans, Dreamers, childhood arrivals, and permanent residents.
What size is the mural?
The mural is 70” W x 90” L printed in two sections.
What is involved in getting a mural to my city?
You can have access to the mural(s) in the following ways,
         1) Sponsor a mural for your city ($300 US Dollars)
         2) Contact the Leave No One Behind coalition organizers to receive mural(s). Our group is currently fundraising to cover installation costs for cities that may want to  
For both #1 and #2, get in contact with organizers to have the murals shipped to you. Please provide the address of a contact person responsible for receiving the mural and installation glue.
Note: you will receive two printed pieces that together make one single mural print.
         3) Print mural(s) by downloading the image from our archive. You can print the mural in any size you desire.
          If you are printing locally, we suggest printing on vinyl as the quality allows the mural to last longer than regular poster paper. If you choose to print on poster paper, we  
          suggest using wheat-paste. The wheat-paste process is not long-lasting or permanent. You can purchase wheat-paste adhesive or create it at home. We recommend you
          check platforms such as YouTube or Google to make your own wheat-paste.
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