Save Our VA

 Background on VA Privatization

There are 22 million veterans in America. Of those 22 million, 9 million are enrolled in VA care, and 7 million get some or all of their care in VA hospitals. In addition, there are 49,000 vacant positions at VA hospitals across America. Most are vacant doctor, nurse & mental health positions. As VA vacancies go up, vet care goes down.

Since 2014, when the CHOICE program began, millions of vets have been sent into the private healthcare sector, and nearly 40% of all outpatient doctor visits have been routed into private healthcare. Many vets are dissatisfied with CHOICE and wait times for some vets are as long or longer in the private sector than they are at the VA.

Legislative proposals in Congress are threatening to drastically change how veterans receive healthcare. The Veterans Health Administration is under attack by groups who are encouraging the elimination of government programs and pushing the idea that only the private sector ‘works’. In surveys by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) & Disabled Am. Veterans (DAV), a vast majority of vets say they don’t want private care – they want their VA doctors & nurses.

Veterans For Peace are fighting back to “Stop VA Privatization, Fix,
Fund & Fully Staff the VA.” And you can too.

Sign this petition to the President & Congress.

Join the “Stop VA Privatization, Fix, Fund and Fully Staff the VA”

  • please email Buzz Davis at or call 608-239-5354.

Check out: Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute

  • Located in California a think tank on Veterans Healthcare. Through their activities, they are committed to cutting through the noise, political rhetoric, and hollow promises to examine the real impact of policy on veterans' healthcare in theory and practice.  See more about what they do