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Learn about issues important to veterans’ health care at the links below.

Senate bill 1315 is threatening VA health care

Senate bill 1315, the Veterans' Health Empowerment, Access, Leadership, and Transparency for our Heroes (HEALTH) Act of 2023 codifies into law several measures that create an unfair competition between VA and private sector health care.  Read about the law and its effects at:

VHA Healthcare – what it does and who it serves

The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute’s Congressional Guide for Veteran's Health Care explains the VA, what it does and the issues important to veterans and activists. Download a PDF copy of the guide at: Tools and Resources | VHPI

Who is eligible for VHA Care?

The type of discharge a veteran receives and VA regulations around them determine which veterans are eligible for VHA care and benefits. Learn more at:

VA Vs. Private Sector Healthcare

Many studies demonstrates that VA health care is equal to or better than private sector care.  Read about some at:

An excellent resource for more information comparing VA to private sector care is at Peer Reviewed Study Summaries on the VA’s Superior Healthcare
Problems with the Community Care Program disadvantage the VA opening doors to further outsource VA care to the private sector.  Read about some of these issues at:

The VA leads the way

VHA innovation helped develop the shingles vaccine, the nicotine patch, the first successful liver transplant, the CT scanner and more.   The VA's lead in telehealth care is being adopted by the private sector since the COVID pandemic.  Read about a few of the ways the VA uses telehealth at

Myths about VA care

The Phoenix wait times scandal is one myth about VA healthcare used to disparage VA health care. Learn about these myths at: Five myths about VA health care

The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute (VHPI) keeps you up to date

VHPI posts regular analysis of the current state of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and efforts to privatize the VA. Sign up for the site and subscribe to its newsletter at Our Work | VHPI    


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