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The VA AIR Commission recommends closing many VA facilities

The MISSION Act of 2018 established the AIR (Asset and Infrastructure Review) Commission to make recommendations about the future of VA health care.  In March, VA Secretary McDonough issued a set of recommendations that will close VA medical centers in rural and urban areas, eliminating much inpatient care, including medical, surgical and psychiatric beds. Significant health care is outsourced to the private sector.  The recommendations are based on outdated, pre-pandemic data.

This currently is the biggest threat to VA health care.  The links below give more information about how the recommendations will affect care and the problems that underlie the AIR Commission process.

Read what VHPI has written about the implications and problems at:

Volume II of the VA Recommendations to the AIR Commission defines by geographical area how VA care will be affected. 

Read about local reactions to proposed closures:

VHA Healthcare – what it does and who it serves:

The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute’s Congressional Guide for Veteran's Health Care explains the VA, what it does and the issues important to veterans and activists. Download a PDF copy of the guide at: Tools and Resources | VHPI

Who is eligible for VHA Care?

The type of discharge a veteran receives and VA regulations around them determine which veterans are eligible for VHA care and benefits. Learn more at:

VA Vs. Private Sector Healthcare

Many studies demonstrates that VA health care is equal to or better than private sector care.  Read about some at:

Myths about VA care

The Phoenix wait times scandal is one myth about VA healthcare used to disparage VA health care. Learn about these myths at: Five myths about VA health care

The Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute (VHPI) keeps you up to date

VHPI posts regular analysis of the current state of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and efforts to privatize the VA. Sign up for the site and subscribe to its newsletter at Our Work | VHPI    


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