Veterans For Peace Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty

As veterans concerned about issues of war and peace, we are happy to celebrate the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the important new international peace initiative that goes into force on January 22.  The “Nuclear Ban Treaty,” as it is also known, was approved 122-1 by the UN General Assembly in July 2017, a clear expression of the will of the world’s people.  

The International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) was awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for its leadership in promoting this vital treaty, which prohibits the financing, development, possession, or transporting of nuclear weapons, as well as the use or threat to use nuclear weapons. 

None of the nine nuclear-armed nations have yet signed onto the Treaty.  These nuclear powers are in violation of the 50-year-old Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which requires them to negotiate in good faith to reduce and eventually eliminate all nuclear weapons.  Instead, the U.S. and other nuclear powers are developing new generations of nuclear weapons, alarming many experts who believe the threat of nuclear war is greater than ever.

The U.S. is spending $494 billion over the next ten years, and over $1.7 trillion in the next 30 years to “upgrade” its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Powerful and influential corporations will be making billions of dollars from the nuclear programs over the next decade and will be contributing to members of Congress who will vote to continue their nuclear weapons arsenal and their profits. 

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Beyond the Dream:  A Call to Conscience - A Special Episode of StandDown Live

When: Friday, January 22nd, 3-5pm PT, 4-6pm MT, 5-7pm CT, and 6-8pm ET

Two-hour program with speakers, music, and a round table discussion focused on remembering Dr. King's legacy to stand up and organize for a better today and tomorrow - not just on his birthday but every day. Topics covered will include the intersectionality of people's struggles to include addressing racism, heterosexism, poverty, male supremacy, and nuclear weapons. January 22nd, 2021 was chosen for this special edition of StandDown Live as it is the date that the UN has chosen to take a stand against nuclear weapons - and this was also a message of Dr. King's call for people to mobilize and organize for change.

Participants:  MC & VFP board member: Natasha. Speakers - Rev. Yearwood - Hip Hop Caucus by recorded video, Jamala Rogers - Organization for Black Struggle;  VFP member Michael McPhearson, VFP board members - Miles Megaciph Thomas, Michael Dempsey, VFP President Adrienne Kinne. 

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Members In Action

Milwaukee VFP Chapter issues letter and release asking Wisconsin to give priorities to prisoners, veterans homes for COVID-19 vaccine.

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