Veterans Release Nuclear Posture Review

Veterans Will Release Nuclear Review

The U.S.-based international organization Veterans For Peace has released its own assessment of the current global threat of nuclear war, ahead of the anticipated release of the Biden Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review. The Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review warns that the danger of nuclear war is greater than ever and that nuclear disarmament must be vigorously pursued.  Veterans For Peace plans to deliver their Nuclear Posture Review to the President and Vice President, to every member of Congress, and to the Pentagon.

With the first anniversary of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) on January 22, the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review calls on the U.S. government to sign the treaty and to work with other nuclear-armed states to eliminate all the world’s nuclear weapons.  The TPNW, approved by a vote of 122-1 in the UN General Assembly in July of 2017, reflects the international consensus against the existence of such weapons. 

Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review also calls for measures that would reduce the risk of nuclear war, such as implementing policies for No First Use and taking nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert.

As early as this month, President Biden is expected to issue a United States Nuclear Posture Review, prepared by the Department of Defense in a tradition started in 1994 during the Clinton Administration and continued during the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations.  Veterans For Peace anticipates that the Biden Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review will continue to reflect the unrealistic goals of full spectrum dominance and justify the continuing expenditure of billions of dollars on nuclear weapons.

LINK to the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review

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Film Screening of the Drummer and Panel Presentation featuring Danny Glover

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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 at 8:30pm (EST), 7:30pm (CST), 5:30pm (PST)

Join Veterans For Peace, About Face: Veterans Against War and In These Times for a special showing of the Drummer, followed by a panel discussion with award winning actor, Danny Glover.

Set in 2008, THE DRUMMER revolves around active and former members of the U. S. military. With the US engaged in a seemingly perpetual war, the devastating traumas that soldiers suffer abroad continue to be felt at home.  (See trailer for the film)

After the film showing, there will be a panel featuring Danny Glover, actor and political activist, Eric Werthman, writer and director of the Drummer and Aaron Hughes, artist, organizer and Iraq war veteran.  

The program will be hosted by Natasha Erskine, Organizing Director of About Face: Veterans Against War and Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director of Veterans For Peace.  

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