Veterans Support Rep. Ihlan Omar

Veterans For Peace condemns President Trump for his racist attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Donald Trump is consciously attacking Muslims and women of color to whip up reactionary racism, misogyny, and violence. His actions are reckless and evil.

Veterans For Peace stands with Rep. Ilhan Omar and all our Muslim sisters and brothers. We stand with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. As veterans of too many wars, we stand for Peace at Home and Peace Abroad. We expect our leaders to do the same.

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Earth Day and the Environmental Costs of War

For centuries, war has not only involved the annihilation of human life, but also environmental destruction in the forms of both 'collateral damage' and deliberate damage to environments.

Technological advances in modern day warfare have increased the ecological disturbances associated with war, not only in the use, but in the manufacturing and development of weapons. In addition, the destruction of oil fields, fires, military transport, and chemical spraying are all examples of the lasting impact war has on the environment.

The environment has long been a silent casualty of war and armed conflict. If we are going to win on climate, we must make the connections between the environment and militarism.

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Members In Action

Hawaiian Invitation Ceremony for Golden Rule Peace Boat

Puna Kalama Dawson, a Native Hawaiian Keeper of Knowledge and Hula instructor, performed a traditional Invitation Ceremony for the Golden Rule anti-nuclear sailboat, as its crew prepares to embark on a voyage to Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, Guam, Okinawa, Korea and Japan.

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