Veterans Say No To War In Iran

Over the last few days, Veterans For Peace members have sprung into action, participating in demonstrations all over the country (Check out the photo album and add your photos!). Also check out new VFP board member Rory Fanning’s piece Many Soldiers Want to Stop Fighting. Let’s Build a Movement That Welcomes Them.

This moment calls for us to continue to take action in a multitude of ways. Veterans For Peace has endorsed two national days of action, including the January 9th No War With Iran Day of Action, powered by About Face: Veterans Against the War, National Iranian American Council (NIAC), MoveOn, Indivisible and Win Without War. Check and see if an event is in your city!

Read Veterans For Peace statement.


Veterans Demand Accountability for Revelations in Afghanistan Papers

The release of the Afghanistan Papers this week has laid out in clear detail the failed policy and the catastrophic level of malfeasance that reach the highest levels of the U.S. government. Every level of government bears responsibility for misleading the American public and for creating the conditions in which an unchecked military operates without accountability.

The Afghanistan Papers are filled with over 300 people detailing the systematic failure of the military to take any responsibility and blaming the “corruption” of the Afghanistan government, all the while revealing the massive corruption and lies that the U.S. is perpetuating. While military commanders bemoaned Afghan leaders enriching themselves off American tax dollars, those self same commanders were climbing government ranks, earning promotions for promoting endless war. (Read full statement)

Sign on to the Statement!

Veterans For Peace and About Face: Veterans Against the War gathered veterans who served in the U.S. War in Afghanistan to write the above statement.  If you are a veteran of the U.S. war in Afghanistan sign up here to join a call to strategize on next steps.


Members In Action

Save Our VA National Conference!

Join veterans in Washington DC for the first conference organized by the Veterans For Peace – Save Our VA Working Group. Find out more!


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