Take Action: STOP the Landfill Work in Okinawa

The resolution on new base construction project at Henoko in Okinawa that we submitted to - and was approved overwhelmingly by - the Saint Paul Convention has now been finally approved in the referendum of all members (591 to 5). Now is the time to put it to work. It is written as an appeal to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to launch an investigation of that project. Last year’s GAO report on the Marines in the Asia-Pacific contained veiled criticisms of the Henoko project, so there is a real possibility that they might take this up big time.

But to do that they need a nudge from Congress. The letter form below makes it very easy to send the text of this resolution to your congresspeople. Type in your zip code and it comes up with the names of the reps from your district. Push the button and it sends off the resolution to all three of those reps. VFP has some 3000 members. Numbers like that could produce a very big nudge.

Okinawa is moving toward crisis. The Japanese Government says it is going to start actually dumping fill (dirt) into the pristine coral garden that is Oura Bay on 14 December. The Okinawan people and their Prefectural government are doing everything they can to prevent that - or to stop it if it begins. Their vigil at the gate has continued for more that 5000 days; their actual sit-in (blocking construction vehicles) more than 1000. A move by GAO could have an impact. Please take a few minutes to sign this petition!

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Deployed to the Border: A Test of Conscience for GIs


James Branum of the Military Law Task Force of the NLG, has just written a legal memo for soldiers deployed/facing deployment to the border, explaining orders violations and the law surrounding refusal of unlawful orders.

"Critical legal information for US servicemembers concerned about the legality of orders to deploy to the US-Mexico border

The Trump Administration's political stunt of trying to block asylum seekers from reaching the United States, even if it requires the use of force, raises serious legal and ethical questions for military servicemembers deployed for "support operations" at the border.

The Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild shares the concerns of organizations such as Veterans For Peace, Courage to Resist, and others, that US servicemembers are being given illegal orders. We are also troubled about the lack of effective legal alternatives for service members dealing with possible illegal orders and believe it is essential that members of the military are fully informed about their rights and responsibilities under the law. In this memorandum, we will discuss briefly some the legal challenges that a servicemember might face when deciding whether to disobey a possibly illegal order."

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You can also read our statement on the deployment of troops to the border.


Members In Action

Save Our VA Town Hall in NYC!

After several months of organizing including distributing almost 7,000 flyers about VA healthcare, the threat of privatization and advertising our Save Our VA Town Hall program on November 29 to veterans and staff  Check it out!

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