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Okinawa II: First Dispatch

April 20, 2018

Dud Hendrick writes about his upcoming trip to Okinawa, joining Tarak Kauff and Bruce Gagnon.

Gerry Condon Urges Veterans and GI’s to Resist Illegal Orders

April 12, 2018

Why the rush to war? Why is the mass media cheerleading for war instead of asking hard questions? Why are Democratic and Republican politicians trying to outdo one another with calls for ever more massive attacks on Syria?

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World Storytelling Day

March 30, 2018

Larry Johnson of Chapter 27 hosts World Storytelling Day with the theme of "The war in Viet Nam would not have happened, had we been able t tell and hear the truth at the time."

New Book from VFP Member Carol Trainer

March 30, 2018

Veterans For Peace Member of Chapter 168 recently released a new book, "As Always, Norb: WW II Letters of Norbert A. Rawert, US Army, and Family"

A Reflection from Doug Zachary

February 09, 2018

Doug Zachary, VFP Member (and staff person), uses every opportunity to reach out to veterans, including his own trips to the VA!