Member Highlights

Report of the Compassion Campaign of the San Diego Veterans For Peace

January 05, 2018

The “Compassion Campaign” now continues year-round, with veteran and associate chapter members (some who are in their 80’s) quietly delivering bag sets downtown late at night after the homeless have bedded down for the night.

Drone Quilts In Fairbanks, Alaska

December 19, 2017

North Star, Veterans For Peace Chap. 146 and the Alaska Peace Center's display of Drones Quilts Project Quilts at the Noel Wien Public Library

Chapters join VA Protests in California

December 14, 2017

San Diego Chapter and members of Deported Veterans Safe House/Veterans For Peace joined the Nurses Rally in front of the Veterans Health Administration.

Chapter 72 Organizing to Save the VA

December 14, 2017

VFP Chapter 72 is working hard to build coalitions to prevent the privatization of the V.A.

Updates from the 2017 Okinawa Delegation

December 14, 2017

Veterans For Peace is on their third delegation to Okinawa in December 2017. Two new U.S. military bases are being constructed and the people of Okinawa have been protesting these base plans for over ten years on a daily basis. VFP stands in solidarity with the indigenous people of Okinawa against U.S. military intervention.