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Join the VFP Be The Change Book Club for our next book!

July 06, 2021

Our third book will be Unconventional Combat Intersectional Action In The Veterans’ Movement by Michael A. Messner . We will discuss how we can apply Intersectional Action in VFP in collaboration with other organizations and movements in relation to our VFP Statement of Purpose and the VFP Be The Change Book Club Group Purpose.

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Community Social "Survive the Nationalism and Noise"

June 29, 2021

Join in anytime and for as long as you like on Sunday July 4th between 9pm ET - 12am ET It will be open for 3 hours so folks on each coast can participate during some peak firework hours.

Coming Home - by Robert Vivar

June 29, 2021

VFP member Robert Vivar recounts the honor of walking Mrs. Rocio Rebollar, Deported Mother of U.S. Army Intel Officer 1st Lieutenant Gibram Cruz, to the US border crossing for her re-admission to the U.S.
and reunite with her family and son who were eagerly waiting for her on the U.S. side of the San Ysidro pedestrian crossing.

VFP Be The Change Book Club Sign Up: bell hooks "All About Love"

May 11, 2021

Author bell hooks All About Love.

Book Club Dates: May 23, June 6, June 13, June 27, July 11 and July 25

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Agent Orange: Lasting Legacy of the Vietnam War

April 15, 2021

Sixty years ago, the United States used approximately 19 million gallons of 15 different herbicides, including 13 million gallons of Agent Orange, over southern Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

In this powerful panel, Hoan Thi Tran and Heather Bowser share their personal stories. Jonathan Moore discusses the U.S. legal cases around Agent Orange, and Tricia Euvrard talks about the current lawsuit in France. Susan Schnall talks about the broad health effects of Agent Orange, and Paul Cox briefly discusses the legislation on Agent Orange that U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee will soon introduce.

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