Financial Reports

Veterans For Peace is committed to financial responsibility and transparency. Our accounts are reviewed monthly by a licensed CPA firm. An annual Financial Review is provided by a separate firm as required by our By Laws.

Veterans For Peace is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Our annual 990 filing with the IRS for recent years is provided below.

VFP is registered with Guidestar. We do not qualify for listing with Charity Navigator since they evaluate only charities that have over $1 million annual income.

VFP's income amounts and sources demonstrate the exceeding generosity of VFP members.  Our relatively low program expenses reflect the commitment of chapters is carrying out so much of our program work on a volunteer basis.

  • VFP's income amounts and sources demonstrate the exceeding generosity of VFP members.
  • The income beyond expense last year has been used to replenish the Reserve Fund that was drawn down during the last 3 years.
  • The balance of Program, Administration and Fundraising numbers reflect that so much of our program work is carried out by members in the chapters
  • The fundraising number reflects an experiment with having a part-time consultant for one year. That expense will not be repeated in 2013.


Below you will find our Annual Report and IRS Form 990 filings for recent years. If you have questions about these reports, please contact us at 314-725-6005 or at


2018 IRS 990 Filing

2018 Financial Review


2017 IRS 990 Filing

2017 Financial Review


2016 IRS 990 Filing

2016 Financial Review


2015 IRS 990 Filing

2015 Financial Review


2014 IRS 990 Filing

2014 Financial Review Letter



2013 IRS 990 Filing

2013 Financial Review Letter


2012 IRS 990 Filing

2012 Financial Review Letter


2011 IRS 990 Filing

2011 Financial Review Letter


2010 IRS 990 Filing

2010 Financial Review Letter


2009 IRS 990 Filing

2009 Financial Review Letter