Climate Crisis & Militarism

Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

Mission: To educate and mobilize about the cost of war and militarism as it relates to the Climate Crisis.

Our areas of focus are:

  1. Reporting and Reducing US Military Emissions
  2. Opposing US Militarism and Supporting Peace
  3. Standing for Climate Justice
  4. Reducing and Redirecting the US Military Budget
Steering Committee
Barry Riesch: Promotional Merchandise
Cindy Piester: Outreach, Presentations (40-60 min)
Gary Butterfield: Presentations
Janet Weil: Messaging
Jim Rine: Federal Legislation
Louis Raprager: Social Media
Vince Dijanich: Education/Public Speaking


Ways to Take Action:

Support Congressional Resolution

Tell your Member of Congress to cosponsor resolution telling DoD to report and reduce CO2 emissions

Schedule a Presentation

Schedule a showing of our slideshow presentation

View Resources

Check out our videos, articles and more on the Resources page

View our other webpages:

Vet Voices: Why we joined CCMPKeeping Up with Climate Envoy Kerry

Add your name to these petitions: 

petition with our 6 demands to Climate Envoy John Kerry

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Print and share our informational brochure

Image of Climate Crisis Brochure

Bumper Stickers

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Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis!

Get the message out! Pack of 50 bumper stickers sold at cost, only $38 each including shipping! Larger orders also possible. Please email to order.

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