Climate Crisis & Militarism

Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

Our Mission:

Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project is part of the world-wide movement to end the climate crisis and promote climate, environmental, racial, and economic justice.  Our emphasis focuses on how US militarism, the single largest institutional source of greenhouse gasses on the planet, fuels the climate crisis. 


Ways to Take Action:

Schedule a Presentation

View a short version of our 20-minute slideshow presentation, and schedule a full presentation to your group.

No MAS: No more military air shows

Organize a protest of your local military air show - resources here.

Explore Issues

Go deeper into the issues with our carefully curated selection of books, articles, podcasts and websites.

Just Transition

Read about the issues of climate crisis, workers and labor, environmental justice and militarism.

Read CCMP Statements
Read our statements on reporting of military emissions, foreign policy and more.
Stop war saveclimate

Read narratives of protests where VFP members risked arrest to stress links between militarism & the climate crisis. Photos too!

View Videos

View recordings of our webinars, VFP convention workshop and plenary panel discussions, and more here

Track Federal Climate Efforts

We track the federal government's climate efforts (or lack of same) by Congress, the Pentagon, and the Biden Administration.

All Things COP

Read/view how CCMP brings our message about reporting and reducing military emissions to the world, via the UN Conference Of Parties (COP) process.

View CCMP's links to our Allies

Click here to find your U.S. House of Representative

Downloadable Resources

Communicate the connection between militarism and the climate crisis with brochures, bumperstickers, and more.

What We Do:

  • We promote full reporting of and reduction of US military emissions
  • We support peace, oppose US militarism, and work to reduce and redirect the US military budget for human needs
  • We stand for climate justice and against racism
  • We educate and mobilize fellow veterans, journalists, politicians, workers, environmental activists and the general public about the role of the military in aggravating the climate crisis. 

Steering Committee:

Barry Riesch 

Cindy Piester

Ellen Barfield

Gary Butterfield

Ian Mooney

Janet Weil

Jim Rine

Steve Morse

Vince Dijanich

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