Howard Zinn Fund for Chapter Activities

The Howard Zinn Fund for Peace and Justice provides support to local chapters to start or to significantly develop ongoing local programs that produce substantive changes for the VFP mission.  Two types of awards are made, depending on available funds:

  • Several Independent Awards of up $500 to support focused local projects which further the VFP mission.
  • One Partnership Award of up to $5,000 to support the development of an ongoing chapter program that will produce significant results for the long-term mission of VFP.  This involves a collaborative process between the chapter team and the Zinn Fund Committee over several months to develop the project and the final proposal.  The collaboration continues during the grant period as the project is implemented and project reports are prepared.  These projects are used to demonstrate VFP activities and to promote support for the VFP mission.

Chapters interested in developing Zinn Fund projects should carefully examine the Project Guidelines as they plan their project and proposal. (Note that these Guidelines are updated regularly, so please keep checking for the latest information.)

In February of each year, a Request for Proposals and submission deadline are announced to VFP networks.  Priority is given to projects that are most likely to produce documented changes for peace and justice, that address national VFP priorities, that can serve as models of strategic planning for other VFP members, and that can be used to publically promote the VFP mission.

Interested applicants should note:

  • In general, the Zinn Fund does not support existing projects, and does not support chapters that have already received a Zinn Fund grant within the past two years.  Proposals are submitted by chapter project committees, and must be approved by chapter members.
  • All grant recipients are required to provide matching funds of 10% of the total amount requested from the Zinn Fund.  (In-kind costs are not accepted as matching funds, for example volunteer time and office supplies.  Also, the Zinn Fund does not support operational costs, such as project staff, volunteer costs, rental of facilities, equipment, furnishings, and utilities.)
  • Grant recipients are required to submit annual progress reports to the Zinn committee on their project.  A final report must be submitted to the Zinn committee within two months of the completion of the project, and any unused grant money must be returned to the Howard Zinn Fund at this time.

Potential applicants should be aware that their proposed project is evaluated in comparison with the others submitted for that review period.  Awards are given to support those projects that are most likely to produce concrete and measurable changes for greater peace and justice.  Chapters are urged to use the Zinn Fund Project Guidelines to plan and develop their projects well in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute.

Please help us build the VFP Howard Zinn Fund, so we can build the resources to support VFP peace and justice projects!

If you have questions about the Zinn Fund or the review process, please feel free to contact the:

Zinn Fund Committee