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VFP member Angelo Presicci writes new book, "Fighting the Bad War"

December 11, 2020

The collection is titled Fighting the Bad War, 17 short stories, 9 set in VN, the other 8 in the post VN lives of characters met in the first 9 stories.

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Bending the Arc: Striving For Peace and Justice n the Age of Endless War

December 09, 2020

John Amidon writes a review of Bending the Arc
Striving for Peace and Justice in the Age of Endless War by Steve Breyman, John W. Amidon, and Maureen Baillargeon Aumand, editors

Is Covid-19 a 9/11 Moment?

December 09, 2020

Is this “our 9/11 moment?” And if so, what does that mean? Let’s look back at 9/11 -- and what came of that.

Prevent War-Teach Peace

December 04, 2020

T. Webster-Doyle, a lifetime member of Veterans for Peace, shares some of his internationally acclaimed, award winning peace education resources

Not Guilty Verdict for Irish Peace Activists

October 28, 2020

At Dublin Circuit Court today a jury of twelve Irish citizens acquitted peace activists Colm Roddy and Dave Donnellan of the charge of alleged criminal damage at Shannon airport over four and a half years ago. The trial by Jury was presided over by Judge Karen O’Connor found both defendants not guilty.

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