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Veterans For Peace Statement on Roe Vs. Wade

June 30, 2022

Veterans For Peace (VFP) was organized by military veterans and allies to bring an end to all war and the oppressive systems that enable it. VFP believes that everyone has the absolute right to control their bodies, including reproductive functions, and have access to adequate healthcare. The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade constitutes a war on rights of bodily autonomy and self-determination, and as such, VFP has a responsibility to fight against it.

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Veterans For Peace Statement on Ukraine

June 21, 2022

Veterans For Peace (VFP) unequivocally condemns Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine. VFP opposes western militarism and increased US military spending, and we are deeply concerned about even the possibility of nuclear warfare.

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RELEASE: US Human Rights Delegation Deported in Western Sahara

May 25, 2022

The US delegation of three US women includes Adrienne Kinne, former President of Veterans for Peace, Wynd Kaufmyn, a community college professor, and Laksana Peters, a retired teacher. Moroccan authorities cited vague national security concerns but were not able to provide any legal justification for denying entry to these US visitors.

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Waging Peace in Vietnam Exhibit at USF Campus!

April 05, 2022

Throughout April 2022, the USF Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice and the Peace and Justice Studies Program, in partnership with a number of USF academic departments and centers, will present a month-long exhibit and an exciting series of special events highlighting the massive interfaith movement to end the War in Vietnam, with a focus on nonviolent resistance against the war from active-duty soldiers and veterans.

Election Integrity & Voter Suppression

March 25, 2022

Veterans For Peace strongly condemns attacks on voting rights and supports pro-democracy efforts to ensure that all citizens of the United States can readily exercise their right to vote.

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