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The Escalating Confrontation With Iran

July 19, 2019

VFP member Andrew Schoerke, a retired Naval Officer, writes on Iran.

Korean War Armistice Day: July 27

July 16, 2019

This armistice agreement signed in 1953 was originally intended to be replaced soon with a peace agreement to end the war officially. Unfortunately, the U.S. has refused to sign a peace treaty to end the Korean War so far, and thus the Korean Peninsula still remains in a state of war with constant arms race and periodic military tensions.

Iraqi resident of Albuquerque to go home after 2 years Living in a Church in Sanctuary

June 28, 2019

VFP has been part of a community wide effort to support and provide sanctuary for Kahdim Al-bumohammed for the last two years. This week he returned home.

VFP Member on Hunger Strike to Protest U.S. Sanctions

June 21, 2019

Sally Alice Thompson is 95 years old and she is on a hunger strike for the children, children victims of the U.S. government's sanctions and war mongering on the countries where they live--Yemen, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela.

Introducing VFP's new Executive Director!

June 07, 2019

Veterans For Peace is excited to announce that they have hired Garett Reppenhagen as the new Executive Director of Veterans For Peace.