WATCH: The People Vs Agent Orange

February 25, 2021

Veterans For Peace is excited to endorse and announce the upcoming film, The People Vs. Agent Orange.  The film in amazingly well done linking the effects of Agent Orange, here at home and abroad and shows how U.S. militarism and it's consequences have deadly effects for individuals, countries and our environment years into the future.



The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the Vietnam War. Today, the world over, a primary chemical of the toxic defoliant controls weeds in farming, forestry, parks, playgrounds... It wreaks havoc on the human genome, causing deformities and deadly cancers.

After decades of struggle and tragic personal losses, two heroic women are leading a worldwide movement to end the plague and hold the manufacturers accountable. In France, Tran To Nga is suing the American chemical industry for poisoning her in Vietnam. In America, Carol Van Strum exposes the continuing use of toxic herbicides, many still containing dioxin. Incriminating documents disappear. Activists are threatened. A helicopter technician secretly films the contamination of reservoirs while a massive industrial cover-up continues.

Scroll down to watch a trailer!



The film is being released on March 5, 2021 in independent theaters across the United States.  Tickets can be purchased through the independent theaters to watch the film virtually.  

  1. Click this link and it will take you to a list of screenings
  2. Choose the independent theater nearest you and click the link provided.  Some theaters in the list will have a "purchase streaming ticket" link.  Other theaters will have a link that will take you to the theater's website and you will have to search for the film, "The People Vs. Agent Orange" and purchase a ticket.
  3. If there is no theater near you, feel free to choose an independent theater from the list and click "purchase streaming ticket".
  4. Once you have purchased the "ticket" you will receive an email with the film link.  You will have ten days to watch the film.  (However, please note once you press play on the film you will have 72 hours to finish it.)


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