Open Letter to the Hyo-sun Mi-seon Peace Park Project Committee

June 04, 2023

Dear Korean Friends,

On the 21st anniversary memorial event to be held at the Hyo-sun Mi-seon Peace Park in Yangju City on June 13, we send our warm greetings to all the people who are assembled for this special ceremony. As a small contributor for the construction of this Peace Park, Veterans For Peace is very pleased to hear of this ceremony and join you in spirit. In particular, we want to send our deep condolences to the surviving family members and friends of the two 14-year old girls who lost their lives so horrifically.

Whenever we think of the untimely deaths of the two Korean middle-school girls, we also feel your deep pain and sadness over this great tragedy. In addition, as former soldiers of the U.S. or South Korean military, including veterans of the Korean War and the veterans who served in South Korea in the post-Armistice period, we would like to extend our sympathy and solidarity to all the Korean people who have suffered much, due to the tragic division of Korea and the numerous crimes that had been perpetrated in Korea by the U.S. military in the past 78 years.

At the same time, it is very encouraging for us to see that the untimely deaths of Hyo-sun and Mi-seon were not in vain. Their cruel death on June 13, 2002, caused by a 57-ton U.S. Army armored vehicle travelling on a local road, and the subsequent acquittal of the American crew members of the vehicle in a U.S. military tribunal aroused justified anger among many Korean people - sparking a series of candlelight, vigil protests for about ten months in South Korea. Thus, we note that this people’s movement resulted in the birth of a new protest culture of candlelight vigils in South Korea.

As for a full justice for Shin Hyo-sun and Shim Mi-seon, we believe that it will be realized only when all the U.S. troops leave Korea. We hope such a day will come in the near future so that Korean people can live in peace at last - free from any fear or danger of the foreign forces and their deadly weapons. 

Lastly, we will soon observe the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice this July. Let’s all work together for an official end to the long, costly Korean War and the realization of a peaceful reunification of Korea as soon as possible.

Long Live Our Memory of Hyo-sun and Mi-seon!

End the Korean War Now!

Wage Peace, Not War!


In Solidarity,


s/ Susan Schnall


Veterans For Peace (US)