April 13, 2024

$17.8 Billion for Israel on top of $250 Billion since 1970


Veterans For Peace joins millions of Americans outraged to have our pockets picked again on April 15, to pay a Genocide Tax of $17.8 Billion for military aid to Israel on top of $250 Billion in current dollars sent since 1970.


Americans have no universal health care but Israeli citizens do, which is their right as it is for all people. In the U.S. the Madmen Arsonists running our government squander 80 Billion of our tax dollars on 750 foreign military bases to operate a global empire, out of an obscene military budget just this year of $883 Billion – more than the average annual spending on World War II, adjusted for inflation.


Where is free college tuition for America's youth to enrich young minds and build a better society?  A drop in the ocean of military spending, $2.8 Billion would pay for all public and private college tuition in the U.S. for a  year.


Taxpayers just in Missouri, where VFP headquarters are located, sent the military $13.6 Billion in 2023. That could have provided Missouri with 133,000 registered nurses but it didn’t.


These are not abstract questions.  They fuel angry, disaffected Americans who rightfully have little use for government or elections, given what they get for their tax dollars.  We watch Boeing,  Raytheon, General Dynamics and other corporations fatten on public money by making weapons and then invest a small portion of it to buy the next Congress. That kind of civics lesson alienates more citizens every April 15th. 


Veterans For Peace is committed to ending corporate control of our government. We join with the vast majority of Americans who want their taxes to buy health care, education, aid for the sick and elderly and a healthy planet -- not death, suffering and bulging bank accounts for the merchants of death


That is our hope on this Tax Day. It is what we dedicate ourselves to for as many Tax Days as it takes.




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