Motion approved by the Veterans For Peace national board. June 17, 2023 re: Attack on Medea Benjamin

June 21, 2023
The man wearing the orange shirt and a baseball cap, shouting at Medea, is Kieran Knutson, from Minneapolis.

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The Veterans For Peace Board of Directors condemns the violence that occurred on  May 19, 2023 at an event sponsored by the Minneapolis VFP Chapter and Women Against Military Madness at which Medea Benjamin was the featured speaker. Medea was verbally assaulted and her cell phone was forcibly removed by a counter demonstrator who repeatedly pointed his finger at her, verbally threatening her.  This same demonstrator attacked a VFP member who had fallen to the ground.  He then pummeled the victim who suffered multiple bruises, shoulder dislocation and possible concussion.  

Verbal and physical violence have no place in Veterans For Peace.  We unequivocally condemn that violence and those who supported it by 

1) standing by and allowing it to occur and

2) supporting the perpetrator of this violent action.

Susan Schnall, President
Veterans For Peace


*The man wearing the orange shirt and baseball cap, shouting at Medea, is Kieran Knutson, from Minneapolis

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