Veterans Condemn Racist Attacks

July 22, 2019
Veterans For Peace condemns President Trump for his racist attacks on four congresswomen of color earlier this week via Twitter with calls for these women to go back to their countries on Sunday, July 14. Further, VFP condemns Trump supporters at a rally in Greenville NC who, on July 17, 2019, chanted "Send her back!" when Representative Ilhan Omar was mentioned by Trump.
Donald Trump and the supporters in Greenville are consciously attacking Muslims and women of color to whip up reactionary racism, misogyny, and violence.  Their actions are reckless, illegal, and evil. This language is reminiscent of calls by white supremacists who, in 1957, called for African-American school children to be sent back to Africa as schools were being integrated. "Send them/her back" is specifically listed in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) literature as being a racist phrase that would have gotten anyone in the chanting crowd fired and/or sued if spoken to a co-worker.
As veterans, we expect a Commander-in-Chief who will unite the country and tend to the needs of all the people, especially those most in need – the unemployed, the homeless, and immigrants. Instead, we have a fascist-leaning president who thinks it is fun – and good politics – to attack the most vulnerable – to divide and conquer – all to benefit himself and his billionaire cronies.
When we joined the military, we raised our right hands and pledged to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  We remain committed to fighting for real democracy and human rights for all. 
Veterans For Peace stands with the four congresswomen of color.  We stand with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  As veterans of too many wars, we stand for Peace at Home and Peace Abroad. We expect our leaders to do the same.