Gamers For Peace Needs Your Help!

November 24, 2021

We need your help!  Our Gamers For Peace community is headed to PAX UNPLUGGED in Philadelphia PA next month to network and educate the gaming community about predatory military recruiters.

There is a concerted DoD effort to conscript high-school aged kids as young as 13 years old into an insidious recruiting pipeline via popular channels like Twitch, Discord, and video game eSports teams. The U.S. Army eSports community alone has over 7,000 members and reports show that over 13,000 military recruits in 2019 have cited this new marketing strategy as the primary reason they joined.

PAX is the largest convention of the gaming community in the U.S. where thousands of gamers, developers and vendors congregate--including the U.S. military.  GFP plans to build community with the PAX gaming culture and beat the military at their own games on every table.

GFP is a counter-recruitment initiative of Veterans For Peace, and as a grassroots program, needs your help to keep the military away from our children and out of our gaming and hobby spaces. Can you help us send our GFP community, many of whom are post 9/11 and active duty members of Veterans For Peace, to PAX?

Donate today!