Gamers For Peace

 Gamers For Peace is a new initiative of Veterans For Peace!  Gamers For Peace is dedicated to confronting military recruitment in gaming hobby spaces such as video gaming. We hope to use this alternative medium as a way to talk about the intersections of peace and social justice activism with the gaming universe. 

The best way to get plugged into our Gamers For Peace project is to join our Discord channel and follow our Twitch page!

Our schedule and programming are developing on Twitch but every other Wednesday we are kicking off live streaming a Dungeons & Dragons (#DnD) game that will dissect themes of militarism and social justice through the creative lens of tabletop roleplaying (#ttrpg).  Every other Wednesday at 8pm (e), 7 (c), 5pm (p)!  


This project comes out of our ongoing Truth in Recruiting work.  (Our TIR working group meets the first Thursday of the month and discusses a variety of counter recruitment work and you can sign up here to get call in info)