Climate Crisis & Militarism Working Group


Steve Morse and Vince Dijanich



To educate and mobilize about the cost of war and militarism as it relates to the Climate Crisis and the increase of greenhouse gases.     

Our areas of focus are:

  1. The unequal burden of both climate change and militarism on people of color and the poor.
  2. The carbon footprint of the US military, which is larger than that of many countries.
  3. How the wars for oil and other resources support the fossil fuel-based status quo.
  4. The enormous financial costs of the US military and its wars, which could be used instead to address the climate emergency. 
Therefore, we will educate and mobilize fellow veterans, journalists, politicians, environmental organizations and activists, workers and the public about the relationship between the military and the climate crisis.    

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No Warming, No War: How Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis — and Vice Versa
Image of Climate Crisis Brochure

Download and Print the Climate Crisis Brochure