SOAW/Latin America Working Group


Mike Ferner,


The mission of the Latin America/School of the Americas Watch Working Group is to provide timely information to VFP members, and the wider public about issues of importance to the region. We oppose military aggression and expansionism of any kind believing that governments are better served investing in social development. View the School of the Americas Watch website.

VFP Work

This working group will oppose the interference and intervention in any form by one country over another. We will support those that endeavor to peacefully improve the living conditions of their populace, exercise and protect human and civil rights (including freedom of speech), and to promote peaceful coexistence.

Veterans For Peace will reach out to other groups to build ties throughout the region and with those who share goals similar to our statement of purpose including veterans groups Latin American solidarity groups and NGO's.

Some of the LA/SOAW Working Group goals are:

  • To coordinate the VFP contingent at the annual SOAW event
  • To arrange for at least one group trip per year to a Latin American country