No Drones Working Grouo

We call for an immediate halt to U.S. drone attacks and a ban on the use of all armed drones. For 20 years, the U.S. has carried out drone attacks with no accountability to the public for how many civilians were killed. We stand with the innocent civilians who are living under the covert U.S. drone program, in a state of constant fear. We stand with the thousands of innocent victims who have lost their lives to drone strikes. Will you stand with us?  

Join the VFP No Drones Working group and get in the conversation as we build our newly restarted No Drones working group.

The Veterans for Peace working group on drones has been established to:

  • Educate ourselves and the public about the issues created by the use of drones and robots as weapons and surveillance tools. We can do this through publications, press releases, vigils, marches and direct actions at home and abroad.
  • End the development, production and use of these weapons through coordinated efforts with other like-minded groups and individuals by conducting actions at drone facilities, research sites, and drone manufacturers.
  • End targeted assassinations, which result in the deaths of civilians, including young children.


  1. Join the no drones network list here.
  2. Contact your representatives here. You can use some of the sample scripts below.
    • Are you aware of recent drone strikes that killed civilians in Kabul, killing 7 young children and 3 adults of the Ahmadi family in Kabul? I stand with these innocent victims and the thousands of others who have been maimed and killed by drones. This is a continuation of the pattern of the U.S. Drone program targeting wedding parties, funerals, schools, mosques, homes and families. Please work to obtain U.S. reparations for the violent massacre on this Kabul family.
    • Will you sponsor a bill that calls for an immediate halt to U.S. drone strikes and a ban on the use of all armed drones? Remote targeted killing is never acceptable. 
    • How will you work for the pardon and release of Daniel Hale? Daniel Hale is currently serving 45 months for exposing truths about the U.S. Drone Terror Program. Support Daniel: standwithdanielhale.org
  3. Share the infographics (click here or on any of the below images to download).


Image: 5 Facts about Drones
Image with 1st Fact written on it
Image of Fact #2
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Image of Fact #5
Last Image with Take action to ban killer drones