VFP Japan Speaking Tour

May 25, 2022


In response to many requests, VFP Japan planned a series of mini events with 2 speakers who share a similar theme. Each event is an in-depth look at the issue further! Please take advantage of these opportunities to expand, and deepen your understanding of these issues.

*Depending on the pandemic situation, we may resume our normal visiting tour later this year.

May 27th Event:

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Kevin Lucey

Joyce and Kevin Lucey lost their son to a war many veterans wage with themselves in the U.S. they return to. Their son, at the age of 19, enlisted in the Marines right out of high school. Soon after his enlisting, 9.11 happened in 2001. In 2003 he was deployed to Iraq. After a turbulent tour of duty, he returned and hanged himself in his parent's home in 2004. He was 23.

Sam Coleman PhD MSW

Sam Coleman is a Lecturer in Japanese and Asian Studies at California State University Long Beach and Coordinator of the Veterans for Peace Military Trauma Working Group. He has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University (1978) and Masters in Social Work from California State University Long Beach (2002).


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Schedule for Speaking Tour
Session Theme Speaker Speaker
APRIL 22 (Friday) Afghanistan before & after Basir Bita Fumikazu Nishitani
MAY 27 (Friday) The reality of PTSD Kevin Lucey Sam Coleman
JUNE 24 (Friday) Afghanistan in the global military strategy Matt Hoh Basir Bita
JULY 29 (Friday) Military recruitment in the US and Japan Ken'ichi Narikawa Rory Fanning
AUG. 26 (Friday) PTSD in the US & Japan Sam Coleman Eri Nakamura

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