8 Arrested Protesting Killer Drone Assassinations

July 01, 2019
On Thursday, June 20th, eight members of the Upstate Drone Coalition were arrested for blocking the main gate of rhe 174th Attack Wing of the United States Air Force at Hancock Killer drone base in Syracuse, NY.
Before the eight blocked the main entrance to the drone base, a  Veterans for Peace member from Binghamton, NY, Jack Gilroy, carried the Veterans for Peace flag to the Main Gate and  read a Peoples War Crimes Indictment to the military (it was video-recorded by Wilton Vought of www.othervoicesotherchoices.blogspot.org)
The two page long indictment (abridged here) noted the oath of allegiance to the US Constitution. The Supremacy Clause of  Article VI that trumps all local, state and the US Code of Military Justice. Treaties made under Article VI are the law of the land  and must be followed. The indictment clearly noted the breaking of constitutional law, especially, the UN Charter that the United States signed.
The indictment charged war crimes for operating killer drones over Afghanistan via satellite 24/7 from Hancock. "These weaponized robotic drones are instruments of terror. They perpetrate extrajudicial killings, violate national sovereignty, and kill noncombatants and civilians. They bring dishonor on the United States and upon its armed forces."
The indictment urged all men and woman of the military to use their conscience and to  disobey  unlawful orders.  The eight arrested, Ed Kinane, Ann Tiffany, Dan Burgevin, Tom Joyce, Juliene Oldfield, Rae Kramer, Les Billips, Mark Scibilia Carver. All pleaded not guilty. No date has been set for trial.