Christmas Truce Poem by VFP Member Gerry Kamke

November 27, 2014

Christmas Truce

The Holidays are upon us with consumerism and show,

While old-veterans like me are kind of waiting for snow.

It didn’t snow in Southeast Asia and I didn’t get cold,

A big old snow-storm would have felt as special as gold.

We’re into the 100th year of this truce,

That’s special and I wish it could be wrapped all up in Spruce.

In 1914 British and German soldiers on that special day,

Stopped fighting on the western front - just to pray.

The concept caught-on and I wish it could last,

But today’s wars are continuous and seem never in the past.

I pray the tradition continues all over the world,

And bullets plus bombs are no longer hurled!

By: G.R. Kamke – Litchfield, Maine