Reject Raytheon stages demonstration on Dec. 9

December 11, 2020

Reject Raytheon stages a die-in to call attention to the deadly role of the P&W parent company in wars and climate change.

Who: Reject Raytheon, a local coalition
What: Demonstration against the Pratt & Whitney plan for Buncombe County
When:  Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 3 pm
Where:  Vance Monument

Speakers at the demonstration will address the following concerns:

Reject Raytheon calls for:

Gerry Werhan, president of the Asheville Veterans for Peace said, “We know that huge defense contractors promote war because they make big profits on it. We also know that the aerospace industry is a major user of fossil fuels. We should be investing in a more sustainable future instead of dead-end companies like Raytheon.”

Jenny Andry, co-chair of the Asheville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America said, “The US currently outspends the next 10 countries combined on defense, with no end to spending increases in sight. Instead of funding widespread beneficial social programs like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All, our tax dollars are going to the manufacture of weapons of war. Raytheon already gets our tax dollars, and now, thanks to the Commission’s backroom deal made with no public input, they have their sights set on our home, too.”

Victoria Estes, coordinator of the Sunrise Movement Asheville said, “The MIC is one of the world’s top polluters. Allowing them to have a base in Asheville through this Raytheon deal would be a direct reversal of Asheville Government’s promise to commit to combat climate change. Yes, we do need new good paying jobs in Asheville, but we don’t need them to come from a company that makes weapons of war, we need them to come from a commitment to a Green New Deal.”

This event is sponsored by Reject Raytheon, a local coalition of activists including the Sunrise Movement, Veterans for Peace, and Democratic Socialists of America.

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