Remembering Lives Lost @ Kent State & Jackson State

May 01, 2017

In 1970, two examples of student response to injustice and abuse of power occurred, one on May 4th and one on May 15.

Called by many the May 4 Massacre, four students were killed and nine wounded on the campus of Kent State in Kent, Ohio, when elements the Ohio National Guard fired on them. The confrontation and shootings happened while students were protesting President Richard Nixon announcing attacks on Cambodia.

Kent State

In photo: Monument erected at Jackson State to murdered students James Earl Green and Phillip Lafayette Gibbs.

On May 14, on the campus of Jackson State College, now Jackson State University, in Jackson, Mississippi, students also protesting the invasion of Cambodia were confronted by city and state police. Shortly after midnight, the police opened fire on the students, killing two and injuring twelve.

10 Days Later - Jackson State