Visit and Volunteer at the Swords To Plowshares Belltower!

May 06, 2016

From May 19th-31st, Veterans For Peace will display the Swords To Plowshares Belltower Memorial, near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. within sight of the Vietnam Wall.  

The installation coincides with VFP Lobby Days, Memorial Day delivery of 'Letters to Vietnam Wall' , Ralph Nader's 'Breaking Through Power' conference at nearby Constitution Hall, and the arrival of 'Sam's Ride For Peace' led by 91-year-old USMC Veteran turned bicyclist Sam Winstead from Raleigh, NC.

The 24-foot-tall touring tower is covered with over a thousand silver wind-blown memorial plaques made from recycled cans. Wherever the tower appears, visitors add personal inscriptions to the plaques, ring the bell, and share stories about the many ways people suffer on all sides of war.

Can you volunteer to work any day shifts, night shifts, or during the set up/break down of the belltower? Please fill out this form. Day time shifts will be broken into 4 hour shifts. Night shift volunteers will be paired up, large tent and lawn recliners will be provided, but no "bedding" is allowed.   One person should be wakeful at all times. This is our most critical volunteer need. It's a great place to be around Memorial Day!  We will reach thousands from around the world!

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