Veterans For Peace 2015 Annual Spring Tour to Viet Nam

August 28, 2015

Payment Deadline - Friday, January 15,2016

Dates of travel:  Mar 14 - Mar 30, 2016

Each year since 2012 members of Việt Nam's  Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160 of Veterans For Peace (VFP) invite up to 20 veterans & non-vet spouses & peace activists to come to Việt Nam every Spring for an insider's 2-week tour. The Hoa Binh chapter is the first & only overseas VFP chapter of American veterans living in Việt Nam!

The mission of the tour is to address the legacies of America’s war, as well as visit a beautiful country & form lasting ties of friendship & peace.  Therefore each tour participant is asked to bring a minimum of $1,000 as a donation.  The money will go to VFP Chapter 160’s humanitarian projects in Việt Nam: bomb clearance, chemical warfare victims, hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc.  The group will visit recovery & assistance projects supported by VFP & meet with Việt Namese families & war veterans struggling with: Agent Orange/Dioxin, Unexploded Ordinance & Poverty. Bringing the $1,000 minimum donation is mandatory. We also encourage donations from individuals & their organizations not going on the tour.  These non-tour donations have accounted for more than half of the almost $200,000 donated so far.

The Hoa Binh Chapter of Veterans For Peace is well-known & respected in Việt Nam.  The 2016 group will be the fifth annual tour.  In all, 54  people (31 veterans & 23 non-vet spouses & peace activists) have gone on the Spring delegations & delivered nearly $200,000  in aid -over $100,000 from non-tour individuals & organizations!


Participants pay for 4 things: 

  1. In-country Land Cost of $2,750 (16 nights, 17 days), includes Single Room 
  2. Airfare to & from Việt Nam (optional Group Flight from San Francisco, approx. $900-$1,000)
  3. The $1,000 Minimum  Donation
  4. Visa Fee of  $100 

Please see Ch. 160 web page for more tour Info, Photos, etc.:

Mail donations or $200 tour deposit to: 

Nadya Williams
VFP Volunteer Việt Nam Tour Coordinator
1436 Grant Avenue, Apt. 10
San Francisco, CA 94133

Make checks payable to:

Veterans For Peace
San Francisco Chapter 69
Memo Line: "ViệtNam Tour"

Credit card donations and payments: 

Contact VFP National Office in St. Louis, MO
Tele: (314) 725-6005 

For More Information contact:

Nadya Williams
VFP Volunteer Spring Tour Coordinator in San Francisco 
Home: (415) 362-0162
Cell: (415) 845-9492

Tour Coordinators in Việt Nam:

Suel Jones –FormerMarine Việt Nam Warcombat vet, 1968-69; lives in VN part of each year since 1998; volunteers in Da Nang with Việt Namese victims of Agent Orange (AO), of whom there are 3 to 4 million nationwide today.  President of Veterans For Peace,Hoa BinhChapter 160.

Chuck Searcy –Army VN vet enlisted, military intelligence analyst 1966-69; lives in Ha Noi full time since 1995; International Advisor for ProjectRENEW, which clears UXOs (unexploded ordinance:  cluster bombs, landmines, etc.).  Vice President of Chapter 160.

Chuck Palazzo –Marine VN combat vet, 1st and 3rd Force Reconnaissance 1970-71;  lives full-time in Da Nang since 2007; volunteers with AO victims.  Secretary-Treasurer of Ch. 160.

Tour Coordinators in the U.S.: 

Nadya Williams–Director of Communications for VFP San Francisco Chapter 69; Active Associate Member since 2003; lived in Việt Nam for 3 months in early 2008.

There are 4 Primary Ch. 160 Members in Việt Nam Who Organize & Lead the Tours:

Suel Jones

Chuck Searcy

Chuck Palazzo

Don Blackburn

Please Note:  We are all volunteers, no one is paid.

List of Veterans For Peace, Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160’s PROJECTS in Việt Nam.   Donations from annual tour participants, plus non-tour organizational & individual donations, are divided up among these organizations:

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