Call your Senators and Urge Them to say NO New Sanctions on Iran Bill S. 1881

January 17, 2014

The Senate could vote in the next few weeks on dangerous saber-rattling legislation (S. 1881) that would impose new sanctions against Iran. As the White House, ten Senate leaders, and a bipartisan group of top national security experts have warned, new sanctions could immediately sabotage the delicate diplomatic progress with Iran. The bill also calls for pledging U.S. military support for a potential Israeli attack on Iran, which countless U.S. and Israeli officials have warned would be catastrophic.

While the White House has vowed to veto these sanctions, proponents of the bill are lobbying for a veto-proof majority of sixty-seven senators to support the bill, in an attempt to have Congress prepared to override the president's veto.

That is why every Senate vote is absolutely critical.

See Veterans for Peace Statement on S. 1881. See a full list of cosponsors of the bill and the full text of the legislation. Please consider writing a letter to the editor against S. 1881 to your local paper.

**Use this link to find your elected officials**