Roll Call for Chicago

May 09, 2012


Please let Lobo and/or Nate know if you intend to come to the NATO protests in Chicago. We are trying to get a head count. Thanks.

Center for Inner-City Studies (of Northeastern Illinois University). 700 East Oakwood Blvd. Training begins at 3, but come early and BYO lunch to talk with members of the team and find out more.
Veterans Peace Team members: Meeting at noon at same location to review bylaws.

May 19 Direct Action:On Saturday at 2 PM after the training we will mobilize for a direct action

Location for training: Center for Inner-City Studies (of Northeastern Illinois University). 700 East Oakwood Blvd.

Direct Action:All VFP muster near Michigan and Roosevelt in Grant Park at 2pm Saturday. We'll then go to deliver our letter to NATO. We hope to have 50 of us there in VFP hats and shirts with a few flags.
VFP folks not taking the training (we hope you do!) should take CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) train, red line (subway), orange line or green line (elevated) to the Roosevelt Road stop. Then proceed to the northeast corner of Michigan Ave. and Roosevelt Rd. That is the south end of Grant Park.
We will then walk down the sidewalk along Indiana Ave. towards McCormick Place to deliver a letter from VFP to NATO.
We prefer no signs or banners at this event. It is NOT a protest or "march". We'll walk 2-by-2 down the sidewalk (no permit required for that). VFP flags are welcome
McCormick Place is just under a mile south of Grant Park. Wherever police barricades may be set up is where we can announce our intention to deliver the letter.
Since the summit starts the next day, the police will probably not block us till we're very close to the building. When we are stopped, we can form up and wait until somebody from NATO accepts our letter or letters or our reps are allowed to deliver them.
There will be NATO people there on Saturday as well as plenty of international press before the official summit begins on Sunday.

May 19th may be the biggest day for VFP and the Veterans Peace Team. We hope VFP turns out in large numbers. We will have a huge international media anxious to cover and talk with us. This may be the BEST time all year for VFP to stand tall and lead the peace message.

For more information email Tarak Kauff or Erik Lobo

Places to stay in Chicago:

Hotels are usually inexpensive, just make sure the one you pick is near a subway line. A number of us are staying here but they may be full by now. You can check. Might be able to still get a dorm bed.
Plenty of places to grab coffee and sandwiches and right next to an L stop.
Chicago Hotel List:
And here's a list of hotels in Chicago:;label=city-chicago-BtomXqpfWYV*Pev3I0Pd4AS18903498710;ws=

Public Transportation Information

Go here for transit directions. It looks like the #4 bus from Roosevelt Red Line station to get to 700 E Oakwood Blvd for the training in Chicago.

The maps were too big for google groups to enclose here. Here are the links for transit maps:

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