Veterans Peace Team Joins Occupy Wall Street (OWS)!

April 03, 2012

On March 24, 2012, about 1,000 people participated in a several mile "Stop Police Brutality" march in New York City, organized by Occupy Wall Street. It originated in Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) and wound past City Hall, #1 Police Plaza, the city courthouse and other landmarks significant to OWS.

This march marked the first deployment of the Veterans Peace Team (VPT), following meetings between Tarak Kauff, VPT organizer, and OWS organizers.

VFP members, Bill Perry and Ellen Davidson photographed the march and J.A. Myerson from "truthout" covered it.

Bill explained why it was organized: "Initially, we were pissed that 73 Sisters & Brothers were arrested on March 17, OWS's 6 month anniversary. Then the Trayvon Martin story broke, and the families of Ramarley Graham, John Collado, Juan Rodriguez, Amadou Diallo, Troy Davis, Sean Bell, and other victims of police violence joined OWS. All the different MARTYRS' Family Members spoke with incredible passion, and soulful beauty, then we marched."

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