Earth Day Action - Expose the Crimes of the Merchants of Death

March 09, 2023
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This Earth Day weekend a coalition of peace and justice groups are taking action to expose the merchants of death and their enablers by delivering subpoenas to each merchant/enabler with a demand they testify at the worldwide Merchants of Death Tribunal. The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal (November 10-13, 2023) will hold accountable — through testimony of witnesses — U.S. weapons manufacturers who knowingly produce and sell products which attack and kill not only combatants but non-combatants as well. These manufacturers may have committed Crimes Against Humanity as well as violated U.S. Federal criminal laws. The Tribunal will hear the evidence and render a verdict.

Peace and justice groups are encouraged to take action in their local communities on Friday, April 21st (Friday is the better media day and more offices are open). Each peace and justice organization nationwide can decide what to do to highlight the crimes of the war merchants and their enablers. 

Action Ideas (From the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal Website)

  • Call press conferences outside of your US Senate offices and/or US House of Representatives offices when delivering a subpoena to these congressional representatives.
  • Download corporate subpoenas from the Merchants of Death website and deliver to the four corporate war-maker Merchants of Death under indictment by the Tribunal that have offices in your area (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Atomics).
  • Issue subpoenas to Church leaders who may be complicit by their silence or outright support of the merchants of death.
  • Issue subpoenas to major banks or investment firms with major holdings in the war industry (e.g. Raytheon, Boeing, etc).
  • Go to military bases and issue them subpoenas to testify along with all the others in the US Murder Inc. system.
  • Read more here!

Planned Actions in Syracuse, NY 

Organized by Up State Drone Action, VFP Chapter 90, Pax Christi Upstate NY, and Peace Action of New York

Here is what upstate New York organizers have decided to do on Friday, April 21st Earth Day Weekend:

  1. Noon Press Conference outside Sen. Charles Schumer’s and Sen Kirsten Gillibrand's offices. Guerrilla theater to satirize enablers of the Merchants of Death. Schumer takes more war industry money than any other US politician. Subpoenas will be issued to both Senators to testify at the Merchant of Death Tribunal on Nov. 10-13. 
  2. At 12:30 we process with music and guerrilla theater two blocks to a Chase Manhattan Bank and issue Chase Manhattan subpoenas to testify to their financial support of the Merchants of Death.
  3. Around 1 PM we will walk several blocks to the Diocese of Syracuse Headquarters to issue a subpoena to the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Syracuse to testify at the Merchants of Death November 2023 Tribunal 
  4. Around 1:30 PM, drive to one of Lockheed Martin's facilities just a few miles from downtown Syracuse and serve Lockheed Martin with a subpoena to testify at the  November tribunal.
  5. By 3:30 PM we will be at the gates of Hancock’s 174th Attack Wing in Syracuse and serve the base commander a subpoena to testify to US war crimes in the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan




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