VFP Member Dan Harkins Releases New Book, Freeburg

September 28, 2018

Dan Harkin spent four years in military intelligence with the 82nd Airborne Division during the first Gulf War and another four years earning a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of South Florida, Dan Harkins spent more than two decades writing stories for a variety of publications, from the "St. Petersburg Times" to the alt-weekly "Cleveland Scene."

Freeburg details how a sick and tired city in Florida became the first in America to institute the universal mandate to vote. A young history teacher named Saul McGinty is prematurely disillusioned by the darkest moments in his own nation's history – and his own. As he finds himself speechless before his young charges, his life grinding to a lonely halt in Ohio, he's called back to Freeburg to clean up his childhood home after the apparent suicide of his estranged father, a wounded and whacked-out veteran of the first Gulf War, who's left behind clues for his son to find that point instead to a nation-changing idea that he's purportedly been killed to squash.

Though sobering, Freeburg is also a silly, studied, heartfelt, and honest depiction of some of our most embarrassing modern mistakes. It offers a seemingly simple solution to many of America's modern woes and a path of redemption to restore its esteem in the eyes of the world

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