Chapter 10 is Hosting a Peace Writers Contest

May 24, 2018

Peace Writers Contest - First Prize $100. Second Prize $50. No Entry Fee

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 10 ( and the Kateri Tekakwitha Interfaith Peace Conference ( are sponsoring a writing contest to help celebrate the 20th Kateri Tekakwitha Peace Conference. First prize is $100. Second prize is $50. Third prize is 2 tickets to our river boat cruise. Prizes will be awarded in two categories. Young adults 18 or under and adult, age 19 to infinity. Entry is free.

The purpose of our contest is to encourage everyone to find their voice for peace and to end war and war preparations. The imperative for this is the 'fierce urgency of now"and the literal survival of humanity. What we would like to see are letters (250 words or less) and op-eds (500 to 700 words) which illustrate the connections between poverty, racism, climate change and militarism. We also encourage connections to the Poor People's Campaign.

For example, without confronting war and militarism, we cannot have a meaningful environmental program to stop catastrophic climate change. Without confronting war and militarism, we will never have adequate funding for health care, housing, education, child care nor will we be able to solve the problems of poverty, gun violence and myriad others. We will not be able to address racism either or the hatred that comes from demonizing others.

To enter our contest write A Letter to the Editor or an op-ed piece and send it to Dan Wilcox at, or mail four hard copies to Mr. Dan Wilcox, 280 S. Main Street, Albany, NY 12208, one with identification including your name, address, phone number, email youth or adult and the other copies without identification.

How the contest will be judged.
A panel of three judges will consider each submission for content and clarity. The judges will read each submission blind (without the name of the author) and award a maximum of 80 points to each entry.

We are strongly encouraging everyone to submit their op-ed or letter to the editor for publication to the Times Union, the Gazette, the NY Times, or any hard copy publication nationwide including your local shoppers guide. 20 points will be awarded for published submissions, published between May 20, 2018 and August 1, 2018. All submission must received by Dan Wilcox by August 1. We encourage every one to start immediately to insure possible publication. Verification of hard copy publication is required. Please notify Dan Wilcox of the date, name and source of publication.

Multiple submissions are fine. Only one prize per contestant is permitted. If occurring, ties will be decided by a random drawing. Our contest winner's letters will be read on Saturday, August 18 at the Kateri Peace Conference in Fonda, NY. Contestants also grant permission to VFP Chapter 10 and the Kateri Tekakwitha Interfaith Peace Conference the right to publish their letters on their respective websites.

Veterans For Peace is a national and international organization. For thorough information about Veterans For Peace please go to