Central American Refugees Need our Support

May 03, 2018

A note from Gerry Condon on his most recent trip to the border: 

Several hundred Central American refugees from violence and desperation have publicly traveled thousands of miles to the U.S. border at Tijuana/San Diego.

Refugees have rights, but we must fight to defend those rights. We must press the U.S. government to fulfill its obligations under U.S. and international law, and allow these refugee claimants into the U.S.

Click on the Facebook alert from Pueblo Sin Fronteras ("People Without Borders").

We passed $300 from San Diego VFP on to the Tijuana VFP chapter ("United Deported Veterans") to buy bottles of water and healthy snacks for the refugees.

There will be ongoing needs for solidarity and aid for the refugees, including many women and children, who are making a desperate but determined stand at the border.

The mostly Honduran refugees are challenging the stingy, racist immigration policies of Donald Trump (and his predecessors).

Veterans For Peace should remain engaged in this vital struggle. Our Tijuana chapter, whose office is a half block from the border -- and the refugees -- is well informed, and their solidarity comes natural.


The #RefugeeCaravan consists of hundreds of Central American migrants that traveled over 4,000 km on foot, train, and bus to seek asylum in the USA.  To read a great Q & A from an organizer working to support the Caravan, click here.  Also you can continue to follow the progress by following Pueblo Sin Fronteras' Facebook page and following the hashtag #RefugeeCaravan, including the resistance in the U.S. as people work to support and greet and care for those who traveled so far.