New Book from VFP Member Carol Trainer

March 30, 2018

Veterans For Peace member, Carol Trainer of Chapter 168 recently released a new book titled, As Always, Norb: WW II Letters of Norbert A. Rawert, US Army, and Family.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and IUniverse as a  softcover and/or ebook.

The letters are worn thin from rereading and sharing with family and friends, and age has discolored them. As you read the letters, you will relive the war experience in the details of the Rawert family's everyday lives, love, worry, concern, faith, pride, and neighborhood news of a typical American family during the war. The correspondence between the Rawert family of Schnitzelburg in Louisville, Kentucky, and their son, who served in the US Army far from home and at the European front shortly after D-day, convey the high price that the troops and their families paid during wartime from 1942–1944.

The letters reveal such detail as "I'm writing this letter from the hole I sleep in." PFC Norbert Rawert, HQ 59th Signal Battalion wrote this on July 3, 1944, from "somewhere in France." He continues, "It's about six feet long and about 2 ½ feet deep. It's not the most comfortable place in the world but it might be one way to keep from getting a Purple Heart. It's pretty cozy though. I got my bed roll on the bottom and my tent over the top. The only thing is, I don't know who is going to give it up, me or this ground mole. He sticks his ass out and I gave him a boot and he crawls back into his own hole. Ha. Then in about an hour he's digging back out again."

This book is an ideal choice for those who want to know more about daily life in the 1940s on and off the battlefield during WWII.