VFP Chapter 51 in Syracuse NY Holds Its First Reorganizing Meeting

June 18, 2015

This week,​Chapter 51 ​of Veterans ​F​or Peace held their flagship meeting at the Center for Peace and Social Justice on Genesee St. in Syracuse​, NY​.  The group has been in existence since the early 1990’s, but was inactive for several years.  It is in the process of re-chartering and recruiting new members.  During the meeting, the group elected a Chair, Sharon Dellinger.  Sharon is a Navy veteran.  The group also elected a Vice-Chair, David Kashmer, also a Navy Veteran.  Associate member Barbara Humphrey, who has been instrumental in revitalizing the chapter, will continue to provide support and guidance as needed.

The group discussed various potential outreach venues and activities in which they could participate.  These include marches at the State Fair, tabling at local Farmer’s Markets; film screenings, school visits, interactions with local veteran’s groups such as the S.U. Veteran’s Writing Group, Syracuse Marine Parents, and Military Families Speak Out, marching in the procession for Hiroshima Day on August 6 in Syracuse, and an activity for Veteran’s Day in November.  They also discussed ways to increase membership, through direct mailings to current members of VFP in the area, Facebook, and direct contact through events.

The group is very excited about re-chartering and becoming an active part of a community committed to working for peace in these troubled times.  Their next meeting will take place on July 22, 2015 at 7 pm at Panera Bread in Dewitt.  For further information about the group and how to be a part of it, please call Sharon Dellinger (Chair) at (315) 436-8797 or e-mail sdellinger@twcny.rr.com; or call Dave Kashmer at(315) 350-7642 or e-mail daveekash@gmail.com.