Upcoming documentary about Carlos Arredondo, The Man in the Cowboy Hat, spans the last decade

April 13, 2015

For Immediate Release


Janice Rogovin
26 Clive St, Apt 3
Boston MA 02130
Phone 617 522 2133


BOSTON, Massachusetts, March 23, 2015 - Local filmmakers, Janice Rogovin and Laura McLam are ready to put the final touches on a 10-year documentary project about Boston celebrity Carlos Arredondo.

Arredondo has gotten plenty of media attention since the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing when he ran towards the blasts and helped save a life.  The now iconic photograph of him running beside Jeff Bauman’s wheelchair launched Arredondo into the limelight. But Rogovin says there’s a lot more to his story.

The film began in 2004 when Arredondo lit a Marines’ van on fire after learning that his oldest son, Alex, had died fighting in Iraq.  Arredondo’s extreme grief over Alex's death launched him on a journey to honor his son and fight for the America he believed in. He became a well-known peace activist and then a central figure in Occupy Boston.

“The story unfolded over time and I kept filming,” Rogovin explains.  

She says that her film touches on many important issues - immigration, participation in democracy, economic inequality, and war - from the point of view of how they affect real people.

Rogovin and her team are now seeking support on IndieGoGo to pay for the finishing services that will complete the film - color correction, audio mixing, titles, music, and archival materials.  Their campaign will run through April 22nd. To learn more about the documentary visit their IndieGoGo page.