The Christmas Truce by Kathryn Louise Sugg Willard

December 31, 2014

The Christmas Truce, though it was brief,
Brought a momentary end to grief.
Ally and enemy, brown and green,
Were friends one day, a sight to be seen.

In the first winter of the First World War
Misery and cold bit to the core.
And 1914 marked the time
When honor would have its final rhyme.

But before war chivalry would end,
A wonderous sight Christmas would send.
Guns fell silent, songs were heard,
And "friend", not "enemy", was the only word.

Gifts were exchanged---except for toys---
And soccer was played by rambunctious boys.
Treats were savored, trees held lights,
And some were laid to forever rest from fights.
The day was beautiful, the weather fair,
And peace and goodwill were everywhere.

But the nature of War is to fight,
And it did not stay far from that night.
The Christmas Truce soon became a memory.

100 years hence, and we all now see
They had something special that we must find
For the world to share with all mankind.