The Christmas Truce by Charlotte Koons

December 31, 2014

At 80, I've been asked to recall

My father,a loyal American citizen's
At 18, drafted into the Austrian Army
After having spent time in London
As an apprentice waiter, he 
would tell a Christmas story 
That I always thought was
just him spinning a charming fairy tale.
Only much later, did I learn
That he was part of that 
1914 Christmas Truce
and was telling the truth:
Across a ravine, was it in Italy?
A British soldier yelled,
"Hey Red, remember London?"
Having spotted Leo's curly brass hair.
He replied and soon, there,
Under a Christmas Eve moon
They were sending chocolates
And cigarettes across the divide
And sang Carols to each other
On that cruel War's other side!
One hundred years since have past
And we're still waiting for a truce
That will truly last!
Charlotte P. Koons 12/28/14