Support Documentary Film and Ride: "Sam's Ride for Peace--Meet the Challenge"

December 10, 2014
FiLMS World for Peace and documentary film director Ahmed F. Selim have taken a special interest in my mission for peace.  Ahmed's new film, "Sam's Ride for Peace--Meet the Challenge" has the potential to spread our peace mission around the world.  
We have learned when we tire of wars we can let our voices be heard and stop war.  If we can stop war then there must be a way to prevent war.  
You can be part of our movement by watching this link  and consider contributing to the film as we modernize our social skills in the digital age to bring peace for posterity.  15% of all contributions to the film will be donated by FiLMS for World Peace for our next ride to DC from May 9th-16th, 2015.