Thank You for Your Service by Tomas Heikkala

December 12, 2013

They say, "Thank you for your service." "Say what?,"

I say......

tomas_heikkala.JPGYou want me to be grateful, because your're grateful I protected you from the boogymen?

You are grateful I rolled over to being forcefully conscripted under threat of being imprisoned?

You are grateful I submitted to being abused by well meaning sadists who trained me to use

the latest murder weapons on command, then to be sent 10,000 miles away from our borders

to "kill Charlie," as our Col. Herbie told his batallion at our going away pep rally?

So I should be grateful to have been part of an expedition that murdered three million small brown people who dared to not comply with the global corporate agenda?

Had'nt we been here before in the 1940's when another misguided tribe became so bold and arrogant to massacre Life and Earth for a reason?