Endorsements & Sponsorship

VFP receives frequent requests from our members and other peace and justice organizations to endorse or co-sponsor events, campaigns, letters, etc..

The VFP Board does not normally endorse local actions unless they have national significance and are sponsored by two or more chapters. Local chapters are authorized to endorse local actions that support the VFP Statement of Purpose.

In order to be sure each request gets appropriate consideration we are asking that information be submitted only through this form.

Here is how the process will work:

  • The VFP Board Executive Committee will review and respond to requests within one week.
  • The Executive Committee will then inform the full Board of their decision. If a request is declined, reasons for that decision will be provided.
  • Board members will have one week to send any objections to the Executive Committee. If enough dissention exists, the full Board will vote on the request.
  • Board votes will be conducted by email with a "close vote" date included. This process will be managed by Vice President or Secretary.