Armistice Day Events 2017

Juneau – November 11th at 11AM
VFP Chapter 100 will convene at the State Capitol Building, Juneau, AK for a minute of silence, followed by ringing of the state bell. Contact Craig Wilson - More details. 

Phoenix – November 11th at 11AM
VFP Chapter 75 will walk in the annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade as Entry #9 (of 100). We have rented a PA System and a truck to play songs from the Vietnam War. The songs include "Run Through the Jungle", "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag", "The Unknown Soldier", "What's Goin' On", "Ohio", "For What It's Worth", "Military Madness" and several others. We will carry several U. S. flags mounted upside down on poles (to indicate distress), VFP flags, and a few with corporate logos replacing the stars on two U. S. flags.

Santa Cruz – November 11th at 10 AM
Meet at the Town Clock to Celebrate Armistice Day -- Peace with Korea. Read More.

San Francisco – November 14-16, 5-6pm social hour, 6pm screening
Join VFP Chapter 69 at the Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102, for the Great War screening: three 2-hour episodes, Tuesday-Thursday, November 14-16. Contact Janice Tong -

San Jose – November 11th at 11AM
VFP Chapter 101 will join with San Jose Peace and Justice Center community partners and other peace proponents on the morning of November 11 on the corner of Fourth and Santa Clara Streets to commemorate the original ARMISTICE DAY by ringing a bell 11 times at 11am. Contact Phillip Pflager -

Ventura – November 11th at 9:30AM
The Green Party of Ventura County has invited VFP Chapter 112 to give an Armistice Day ceremony before the Green Party California General Assembly. Planned is a brief slide show, presentation of the Earth Anthem and reading of the VFP mission statements. Address: Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura, CA. Contact Michael Cervantes -

Lafayette – November 11th at 5:30PM
Every year since 2006, Chapter 162 has participated in Vigils at the Crosses of Lafayette on Memorial Day and Armistice Day by speaking and/or reading a poem. This year is no different. I will write and read a poem that honors our soldiers and tries to end War. Contact Fred Norman -, 925-462-7495.

East Bay – November 11th at 11AM

Fresno – November 11th 10:30-11:15AM
Join VFP Chapter 180 at First Congregational Church, 2131 North Van Ness Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704. From Chapter 180: Please join veterans and allies around the world as we RECLAIM ARMISTICE DAY as a day for PEACE. TRADITIONAL BELL-RINGING CEREMONY & DISCUSSION this Saturday, Nov 11th, 10:30 - 11:15am at THE BIG RED CHURCH (ALL ARE WELCOME).

Pueblo – November 11th at 9:45AM
VFP Chapter 129 - Speakers will commemorate Armistice Day. At 11am, bells will be tolled to mark the signing of Armistice. Then attendees will walk or drive to Mineral Palace Park, where a wreath will be laid at the all-veterans memorial. Address: Temple Emanuel Synagogue - 1325 N Grand Ave., Pueblo, CO 81003. 

District of Columbia
Washington, DC – November 11th 6AM-6PM
Join VFP Chapter 87 for the Veterans Silent Assembly, a Non-Violent 1st Amendment assembly bringing attention to complacency or bystander apathy in the presence of: hate crime, hate speech and divisiveness having a negative impact on our civilian and military standards of conduct. Address: Upper Senate Park, Capitol Grounds (N), 200 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001. Contact: Reneé Marie -, 916-969-8957.

Honolulu – November 11th at 3PM
Join VFP Chapter 113 as they honor the original intention of 11/11 & feature the film "Okinawa- the Afterburn," about Okinawa's ongoing movement for freedom from war, as an example of humanity's aspirations for genuine security & peace. Address: Honolulu, Manoa: 2426 O'ahu Avenue. Contact Pete Doktor -, 808-782-0023.

Evansville – November 11th at 11AM
Join Chapter 104 at the Four Freedoms Monument. Chapter members and friends will read excerpts of MLK's Vietnam speech in 16 segments with a different reader for each. Contact John O'Leary -

Arlington Heights – November 11th at 11AM
Join the Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project. Corner of Northwest Highway and Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL. We will be holding a vigil at 11 AM to mark Armistice Day and recommit ourselves to working for peace. Contact Elizabeth Frank -

Boston – November 11th at Noon
Join Chapter 9 for a VFP-led Peace Parade-Beacon and Charles at the far corner of Boston Common-Armistice Day Program at Sam Adams Park, Fanueil Market. Form up for the VFP-led Peace Parade at noon to step off immediately after the "official" parade at 1 PM walk about a mile down to parade end City Hall Plaza via Tremont Street. Walk across street behind Plaza to Sam Adams Park for program of speakers, music and members remembrances of various wars. Alfred Johnson -

Portland – November 11that 10AM
M Maine Veterans For Peace, and all who are interested are encouraged to attend a vigil in Monument Square in Portland on Armistice Day to encourage peace awareness as the traditional Veterans Day parade passes. Please plan to get to the square at 10:00 am. Wear black if you are able. (posted on behalf of Peace Works in solidarity)

Ann Arbor – November 11th at 11AM
Join VFP Chapter 93 at Veterans Park, Maple Road at Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan for Arlington Michigan - One marker for every Michigan soldier lost in the Iraq and Afghan wars (230 crosses). The purpose of this display is to honor those who have fallen, to provide a place to grieve, and to educate the public about the costs of war, as well as the needs of those returning from conflicts Peace ceremony at 11am. Contact Bob Krzewinski -, 734-487-9058.

Minneapolis – November 11that 10AM
Join VFP Chapter 27 at the Minnesota History Center, Helping to end their WWI exhibit with a bell ringing and talk about after the Armistice peace movement that led up to the signing of Kellogg-Briand. Contact Dave Logsdon -, 612-203-9768.

Missoula– November 11that 10:45AM
Join Chapter 133 at the Vietnam War Memorial in Missoula's Rose Park. Right of the Bell at 11:00 am followed by readings and poetry from the group. Contact Danny Showalter -

New Mexico
Alburquerque – November 11th at 11AM
Join VFP Chapter 63 at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial, 1100 Louisiana Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM. At precisely 11 a.m., our chapter will toll the Armistice bell eleven times, to start the Annual Veterans Day Program at the memorial. Contact Charles Powell -, 505-271-9274.

New York
New York – November 11th at approx. 1:30 PM
Chapter 34 will be at the NYC Armistice/Veterans Day Parade. The NYC Veterans Day Parade is the largest Veterans Day event in the nation. The Parade proceeds north on Fifth Avenue from 26th - 52nd St, from 11:15 AM to approximately 3:30 PM. The Reviewing Stand is located on 41st Street, in front of the NY Public Library. We have registered Chapter 34, the only anti-war contingent in the parade. Contact Bob Keilbach -, 347-645-1052. 

Binghamton – November 11th from 11AM-2PM
Bell ringing at First Congregationalist Church, Iraqi cemetery, open microphone, participate in parade with our flags and banners. Contact Jack Gilroy -, (607) 748-8105.

Waverly, NY - Athens, PA – November 11th at 10AM
Chapter 979. An 11 mile walk between 2 states to Reclaim Armistice Day! Contact Tom Palumbo,, 607.371.1075.

Eugene – November 11th from 11AM - 1PM
Join Chapter 159 at Theo's Coffee House (formerly Cozmic Pizza) 199 W. 8th Ave Eugene, OR 97401 for: My discussion: My experiences with "waterbording (The Soap Treatment)" and the age of Trump. Contact Michael Peterson -, 541-689-6148.

Roseburg – November 11th from 10AM - 12PM
Join Chapter 181 as they table on the Veterans Day parade route. Contact Rick Staggenborg -, 541-217-8044.

Nashville – November 11th from 8:30-10:30AM
Meet Chapter 89 at the Subaru Dealership Downtown. VFP Chapter 89 will be serving breakfast from 8:30-10:30, then marching. Contact Joey King -, 615-485-1616.

Auburn – November 11th at 10:30AM
Join VFP Chapter 134 for Outreach, Veteran's Day Parade March, Breakfast, Lunch and Fellowship. Members of several chapters in Western Washington (and sometimes Portland, OR) have been marching in for several years. Contact: David Dittemore - ddittem., 253-590--8501.

Olympia – November 11th at 7PM
Join VFP Chapter 109 at 1224 Legion Way, Olympia, WA 98503 for a showing of the film "Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives - The Environmental Footprint of War. Contact Jim Woods -, 360 459-9015 (leave message if gone). Event is co-sponsored by World Beyond . No charge.

Spokane/Seattle – November 11th at 11AM
We will meet at the Community Building, 35 W. Main, in downtown Spokane. Our brief ceremony will begin with the 11 soundings of the bell at 11:00. That will be followed by an explanation of our interests in putting "armistice" back into the public vocabulary. We'll introduce our chapter and explain we have sent a small delegation to Auburn, WA, joining our Seattle Chapter #92 in the big Veterans Day parade that always needs a voice of reason and peace. We will then take open mic comments before closing with another 11 strokes of our bell. Contact Rusty Nelson -, 509.291.4646.

Milwaukee – November 11th at 7PM
Join VFP Chapter 102 at Milwaukee City Hall. John Nichols, national affairs writer for The Nation, contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times, associate editor of the Capital Times in Madison, and author of numerous books, is the main speaker. Nan Kim, contemporary historian and expert on divided Korea,will address "Containing the Crazymaker: Trump, Nuclear Threat, and North Korea." The one-hour program, sponsored by Veterans for Peace and co-sponsored by a coalition of peace and justice groups, also will include music by Iraq veteran Jesse Frewerd. The event is free and open to the public.

Madison – November 11th at 7PM
Chapter 25 in Madison will hold a concert with Si Kahn, Jim Walkendonk, Will Williams with the Madison Gospelaires at the Barrymore Theatre, Madison Wisconsin. David Giffey -, 608-753-2199. Concert co-sponsored by Chapter 25 and the Progressive Magazine.