Abolish Nuclear Weapons

One of the founding principles of Veterans For Peace is a call to end to the arms race leading to the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons.  We have been working towards nuclear disarmament for many years, but the last few years we have been stepping up our work towards nuclear abolition.  We continue to support the historic Golden Rule antinuclear sailboat, a national project of Veterans For Peace, whose upcoming voyage will focus on Hawaii, Guam and the Marshall Islands.

There are a number of ways to support VFP’s Nuclear Abolition work!  To stay more connected, join the VFP Nuclear Weapons Working Group.


The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, (TPNW)

It was adopted by the United Nations in July of 2017. The Treaty makes it illegal to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, stockpile, transfer, receive, use or even threaten to use nuclear weapons or explosive nuclear devices.

122 countries voted to adopt the Treaty in July 2017.  The United States led a boycott of the negotiations and refused to sign, along with other countries with nuclear weapons.

Veterans For Peace is a member of ICAN, (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons).  ICAN is a coalition of non-governmental organizations in one hundred countries promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty.  As a member, Veterans For Peace is dedicated to pressuring the United States to sign the treaty.


Nuclear Ban Treaty Days of Action

The Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will be two years old on January 22. We are encouraging each chapter to join a coalition of peace groups to help recognize the importance of this treaty, this anniversary, to educate the public and demand the US sign on.

The website OREPA.org has a full description, including resources such as downloadable banners, hand-outs, posters, letter to the editor templates and more.

Low-cost banners are available and easy at bannersonthecheap.com and we have attached a VFP logo that you can add to any banners, posters and handouts you decide to use.

Ralph Hutchison, of OREPA, was on Jim and Harvey's Podcast to discuss how important the treaty is and how important it is to educate the public about it and to demand that the US sign on. Listen to the interview!

For more information please contact Jim (jrwohlgemuth@juno.com) or Harvey (bennethe2@gmail.com)


  • BanTheBombPostcard

    Download our “Ban the Bomb” postcards to send to UN Ambassador.  (Or contact Sam at our National Office to be sent some: samantha@veteransforpeace.org)

Divest from Nuclear Weapons

The corporations manufacturing nuclear weapons are fueling the nuclear arms race for their own financial gain. They actively lobby their parliaments and governments to continue allocating the funds to nuclear weapons. And they support think tanks and other public initiatives to promote the ‘need’ for nuclear weapons maintenance, modernization or expansion.

You can help curb the power of the nuclear weapons corporations by encouraging your university, church, city, bank or government to divest from nuclear weapons.

Check out this great campaign co-led by one VFP’s chapters!

  • StopBankingtheBombCompilitation

    Stop Banking the Bomb!  The Stop Banking The Bomb campaign against PNC Bank is one part of an international strategy to get the U.S. government to listen to its people. PNC Bank has loaned $1.186 billion dollars to eight corporations who manufacture nuclear weapons. As the seventh largest bank in the U.S., we believe if PNC Bank “divests” of these immoral loans, they will send a powerful message to the U.S. government and the whole world.


Support Legislation

Veterans For Peace has endorsed the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017, currently languishing in the House Committee of Foreign Affairs.  However, Senators Markey (D-Mass) and Re. Lieu (D-Calif) continue to advocate for its passage. You can help by calling your Congressional Rep today and demand that it be passed!



Veterans For Peace continues to educate the public, schools and community groups about the dangers of nuclear weapons.  Make sure to check out our resources in the side bar!

Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project has a number of speakers that are available to talk with your group about nuclear issues!  (Helen Jaccard, 206-992-6364, to make arrangements).


  • Golden Rule

    Become a Golden Rule Ambassador!  We can help train you on speaking about the Golden Rule, Nuclear Disarmament, Nuclear Energy and Peace!  Contact Helen to find out more!  (vfpgoldenruleproject@gmail.com)

Speak out Against Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Sites!

Veterans For Peace is part of many coalitions around the country working hard to end nuclear weapons, from the policy level to grassroots.  Many of our chapters are involved in actions outside of specific bases or travel around the country bring attention to the dangers of nuclear weapons.  

  • GT2017GoldenRule

    The Golden Rule

    The Golden Rule travels from town to town and has events at almost every port they stop at!  Make sure to track the Golden Rule and join them if they come to your city.


  • DisarmTridentPeaceWalk

    Disarm Trident

    Kings Bay Naval base opened in 1979 as the Navy’s Atlantic Ocean Trident port.  It is the largest nuclear submarine base in the world. There are six ballistic missile subs and two guided missile subs based at Kings Bay.  Find out ways you can help!


  • NOWeaponsInSpace

    Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

    The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space was founded in 1992.  GN has met each year in order to bring together key activists who are working on, or are interested in, space issues. It was the intention of the founders to create an organization that would serve as a clearinghouse for space issues and act as a spark to ignite education and organizing in order to build an international citizens movement.

    Check out their most recent flyer for their annual "Save Space For Peace Week"