Nuclear Abolition Working Group


Malcolm Chaddock,
Helen Jaccard,


The Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose says that we will work, with others, … to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. All use of nuclear technology, including energy and weapons – fission, fusion, depleted uranium and thorium is dangerous in the hands of man. Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are inextricably tied because they share common research programs, funding sources and safety issues.

We will work to:

a) Dismantle/abolish all nuclear weapons
b) Shut down nuclear power
c) Stop the use of Depleted Uranium and Thorium weapons
d) Get international help for Fukushima

Given the situation at Fukushima, Japan, our highest priority is to get international help for protecting people and the planet from this long-term disaster.

Many groups around the world are working on nuclear issues, so the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Abolition Working Group will be adding our unique Veterans voices to the calls and work of others.

We will, in coordinated efforts with other groups,

  • Become knowledgeable about nuclear issues and solutions.
  • Educate other VFP members and our communities through position statements, press releases and other publications; lectures, vigils, marches and other public events; tabling, and direct actions at home and abroad.