Waging Peace Exhibit Now Available to Travel to U.S. Cities

January 23, 2019

During America’s War in Vietnam, tens of thousands of American GIs and veterans opposed the war. They marched, refused to fight and deserted. They wrote and distributed hundreds of underground newspapers, telling the truth about this unjust war. The Waging Peace exhibit preserves and promotes this little known history. It opened at Saigon’s War Remnants Museum and at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. The exhibit garnered positive media coverage, including an op-ed in the New York Daily News, a two page spread in USA Today, and articles in The Guardian, Toronto Sun, South China Morning Post and dozens in Vietnam.

Details about the exhibit and the GI Movement are available at the exhibit website, www.WagingPeaceInVietnam.com. The site features photos of the exhibit panels and links to many books, articles, poetry, photographic collections and documentary films about the antiwar movement within the U.S. military.

Check out the wonderful slideshow of the exhibit.

Mounting the Waging Peace Exhibit: What Does It Take?


The exhibit is especially seeking college and university venues where faculty can assign next-gen students to view and then write papers and dissertations on the GI movement.


The exhibit is mounted on sixteen 4’ x 8’ sheets of black Gatorboard, which is lighter and stronger than foam-core or fiberboard. The panels can be hung from an anchor or shelf at the top of a wall or in the ceiling.


Academic integration:

Our hope is that faculty at your university or college will integrate the exhibit into their courses and encourage students to use the exhibit and resource section of the website, www.WagingPeaceInVietnam.com.

Community programs:

The exhibit provides an opportunity to collaborate with local veterans, peace and/or social justice organizations and local universities in drawing attention to the exhibit and sponsoring a related public community event.


Flyers for the exhibit:  Front and Back

Contact us at info@WagingPeaceInVietnam.com