Veterans For Peace Supports Rep. Gabbard's Denouncement of Syria Strike

April 19, 2017

Veterans For Peace stands by and fully supports fellow veteran and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and her recent denouncement of recent U.S. cruise missile strikes on Syria. Representative Gabbard, in her interview on CNN, correctly characterized the cruise missile attacks as an illegal and unconstitutional act of war.

Representative Gabbard's own personal military experience has taught her the true costs of war. Her courageous, just and compassionate statement on Syria, along with her previous statements on the United States' endless wars overseas, is devoid of the meaningless, ignorant and empty rhetoric that characterizes so much of the cheer-leading for war that comes from too many of her colleagues. It is also unfortunate that the mainstream corporate media has eagerly climbed on board the war bandwagon and has readily accepted, without any hesitation and critical analysis, the administration’s justification for the unconstitutional act of war on Syria.

Veterans For Peace calls upon active duty service-members, reservists, veterans and civilians to telephone, email and mail messages of support to Representative Gabbard. Representative Gabbard has had enough of these wars, and has the courage to speak out against them. Now, of course, she is being attacked by the pro-war political, corporate and military interests in Washington, DC. Please call or write to Representative Gabbard's office at:

Phone: (202) 225-4906
1433 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

It is because of leaders like Representative Gabbard that these wars will come to an end, justice will be enacted and suffering will cease.

Additionally, after all these years of war in the Middle East, as the weapons companies have gotten richer, groups like ISIL and al Qaeda have gotten stronger, and the ranks of the dead, the maimed and the homeless have grown, the majority of our leaders in Washington, DC still come to attention and fall in line to the drums and cadence of war. Call your representatives and senators and ask why they don't have the same courage and conviction as Representative Gabbard. You can contact your members of Congress by dialing 202-224-3121 and letting them know your disappointment that they have not learned from history and continue to do nothing as the United States makes the same bloody and tragic mistakes over and over again. If your representative or senator is one of the few who has raised a brave voice against more war and more killing then Veterans For Peace urges you to call and support them for their conviction and their courage.

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