Warriors For Peace – Veterans Speak

June 09, 2015

A new video series by filmmaker Regis Tremblay (The Ghosts of Jeju), Tom Sturdevant Chapter #001Maine.

S. Brian Willson is the first in a series of veterans describing their experiences in the military, their subsequent realization that war is a lie and their commitment to working for peace. Ten profiles have been recorded with another dozen scheduled for filming. They will be released four to six weeks apart.

The series is a powerful and effective tool to counter war propaganda and the DoD sanitizing of the Vietnam War, and is an excellent vehicle for education and outreach.

View the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/116375156

The cost for each profile is $10 plus $4 for shipping and handling. Send checks made out to Regis Tremblay, 209 River Rd., Woolwich, Maine 04579.